Adam Gets A Major Endorsement Deal

Posted in P90X on February 25, 2010 by Nick

Scottsdale’s most favorite search engine optimizers/juiceheads, Troy and Adam, have just signed a modeling deal with GlobalFit, where they will serve as the poster boys for all printed advertisements in return for an undisclosed sum of money. See the prototype poster below:

PS this has been posted in the office for two days now, and despite me trying desperately to get them to notice it, they haven’t. I’ve literally been talking about GlobalFit non-stop for two days, telling Troy the poster is really wierd, etc., and he still hasn’t noticed. I’m hoping this post will do the trick, eh Troy Boy?


Rumormill: Adam Considers Modifying the Program To Be Easier?

Posted in P90X with tags , , , , , on February 17, 2010 by Nick

Well it’s only day 10 and there are already rumors around the office that Adam may be quitting or modifying the P90X regiment. A source familiar with the situation spoke under anonymity that Adam views the program as “too strenuous” and that he is going to be making adjustments to the program in order to be easier. Adam declined comment, rambling something incoherently before a company-wide conference call, which I can only approximately translate as  “dude, whatever, bro.”

More information as the situation develops…

Picture Update – Adam on Day 3

Posted in P90X with tags , , , , , on February 10, 2010 by Nick

Here is a picture I just took of Adam flexing his muscles. This is day three so the effect of P90X probably hasn’t set in very much. He is feeling a little sore and tender hence the face he’s making, but he’s a good sport and gave us all free admission to the gun show.

Day Three: Overhead Adam Quotes in the Office

Posted in P90X with tags , , , , on February 10, 2010 by Nick

To a female colleague: “If you punched me right now, I would fall over”

To another colleague: “I bet these Fiber One bars will make me crap more, anyway”

Paraphrased, to anyone that will listen: “I’m in pain.”

Adam Begins His Quest

Posted in P90X with tags , , on February 9, 2010 by Nick

This post is from Nick, Adam’s colleague. My job is to provide unbiased, third party reporting of Adam’s journey to become “ripped.” I intend to report the facts and only the facts, as Adam transforms from a little girly man to a professional male model and really strong guy.

Until we have pictures up, here is an approximation of how Adam currently looks. Keep in mind this is only a sketch, but I can assure you it is at least 78% accurate:

This morning Adam reported that the workout DVDs are strenuous and painful. His energy levels seemed normal, and he appeared to have some fight left in his eyes, so I estimate he will make it until at least day 2. Stay tuned.

It’s Time: Day One 2/8/10

Posted in P90X with tags , , on February 4, 2010 by adamsp90x

Day 1 of 90 for P90x, will post beginning pics to track progress….